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Introduction COVID-19 test/demo - Data not saved
You have selected the COVID-19 incident reporting page where you can enter an incident for analysis by ANZTADC. This can also be accessed by your local site for M & M meetings (optional), or yourself (optional), and attracts CPD credits. The de-identified information which will be used to assist with early identification of problems and incidents arising with COVID-19 cases, and summaries will be sent to ANZCA, the ASA and the NZSA for promulgation. The data stored on the ANZTADC server is protected by the quality assurance legislation in both Australia and New Zealand. However you should only enter information that has been fully de-identified and in particular you should not enter the names of patients, medical staff or health care facilities into the Narrative sections. It is possible to log back into the system to view an incident that you have previously entered and add follow up tests, progress or outcomes. In order to protect your privacy, your login details are not stored with the incident that you submit, but instead an anonymous ID will be allocated to this incident. This code will appear at the top of the page when you start coding an incident. At the foot of this page you can set options to email this incident number (but not the incident details) to yourself, or your webAIRS local administrator (if you are a registered site such as a hospital, day surgery or private practice). There is also a text box to record additional information which will be included in the email sent to you, but not stored in the webAIRS database. This will allow further information for local purposes, whilst in the database the data will remain de-identified. Please complete the following form and email options.

Please select one option:

Please select all options for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used:
Other PPE used or problems with PPE:

Airway and Respiratory events - please tick all the options that apply:
Please indicate the method by which you were first alerted to this incident:

Infrastructure and System problems - please tick all the options that apply:

Other problems or issues - please list in the text box below and describe in the Incident Description and Management section:

Patient Demographics
Male Female    NoPatient Involved
ASA Grade


Patient Age

at the time of the incident
Patient BMI

Incident Description and Management
Contributing factors   (If this is a common problem please include the estimated number of cases per month)
Alleviating Factors
Lessons Learned
Type of Incident Definitions

An adverse event reached a patient or healthcare worker, whether or not anyone was harmed
An adverse event that did not reach a patient or healthcare worker, and no one was harmed
Any circumstance that increases the probability of an adverse event
It is not possible to assess or not known
Severity Definitions

It is not possible to assess or not known.
The event reached a person but no harm was evident.
Bodily or psychological injury resulting in minimal symptoms or loss of function, or injury limited to additional treatment,
monitoring, and/or increased length of stay.
Bodily or psychological injury adversely affecting functional ability or quality of life,
but not at the level of severe harm.
Bodily or psychological injury (including pain or disfigurement) that interferes significantly with functional ability
or quality of life.
Dead at time of assessment.
Severity Definitions

Expected to revert to approximately normal (ie patient baseline); less than one year
Not expected to revert to approximately normal; one year or greater
Email options
The above option will allow you to log into this incident in the future and if required, perform further editing. If you do not wish to send an email you may write the anonymous ID down in a diary or similar record. If you do not record (or know) the anonymous ID, then you will not be able to access this incident again in the future.

To notify your local Quality and Safety officer leave the box above selected.

Additional information to include in the email
If you wish to send any additional information by email to your Local Administrator (and to yourself), then enter the information into the box below. Please note that the information will not be stored in the webAIRS database. However, even though the data isn't stored in the database, it should comply with any relevant data privacy legislation.

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