Registering a new site

If you are already registered then move on to Step 2. Otherwise first register yourself as an individual.

Step 1

Proceed to the Home page:   www.anztadc.net

Select Register

Step 2

Login using the username registered in Step 1

Select Register (again) and select Add New Site

Step 3

Country: (select Australia):

State:(select Victoria):

Cities and Towns: (If you select ‘show all’ you will see which organisations are already authorised)

Select Add New Site

Step 4

You will then be prompted to accept the terms and conditions for the site which is similar to the two boxes that you ticked when you registered as an individual.

City/Town: Enter the name of your city or town

Site Name: Enter the name or your hospital or other site name as appropriate

Contact Telephone: Enter your contact telephone (optional)

Registration Type: select Hospital (or Private Practice, or Day Surgery, or Other)

Save Site

Step 5

An automated message is sent to the ANZTADC Coordinator at ANZCA. Within the next 7 days you should receive a confirmation email from ANZTADC to state that you have registered the site successfully. If you do not receive an email contact anztadc@anzca.edu.au

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement for this documentation.